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Establish a Regulatory Compliance Management (RCM) Program, appropriate for my Organization and for meeting my Regulatory Expectations

Ethidex Compliance Office software, plus Regulatory Content, can assist you implementing your desired RCM framework, with accountabilities centralized, or distributed across your Functions, Businesses and Oversight groups.

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Strengthen our knowledge of, and compliance with, relevant and current laws and regulations

Ethidex regulatory modules are updated quarterly by our partner law firms in consolidated and easy to use language.  Select those best aligned to your business.


Implement distinct AML / ATF or Privacy Regulatory Compliance Programs

Ethidex offers separate AML / ATF and Privacy - Regulatory Content plus "Compliance Office" software to assist implementation of distinct Compliance programs.

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Prioritize attention to the Areas of highest Regulatory Compliance Risk

A risk based approach is supported with Configurable risk assessment across the documents in the Regulatory Modules


Align my Compliance Risk Assessment with my Regulatory Compliance Management Program.

Compliance Office offers the ability to align your RCM assessment with your Regulatory Compliance Risk taxonomy, creating efficiencies.


Configure Reports and Dashboards to Help Manage my Compliance Program and explain our Results to Senior Management, the Board and Regulators

Our integrated reporting tool provides configurable reports that can be saved, shared and reused.


Complete an Enterprise Risk Assessment

Ethidex provides "best practice" Enterprise Risk Management content for Financial Institutions which can be used with Compliance Office software.

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Record my Team's Obligations for regulatory performance, reporting and governance and manage them to ensure timely completion.

Ethidex Governance includes a configurable Calendar tool that captures repeating obligations with accountabilities and reminders.


Manage Employee Attestations across the organization

Configurable repeating questionnaires can collect and compile attestations.


Track the Resolution of Key Issues across the Organization

All key issues across the organization can be captured, responsibility identified, tracked to resolution and reported on.


Plan, Perform and Capture Independent testing

A Plan & work papers with work flow for Independent testing can be implemented.


Increase my efficiency by outsourcing System Administration and co-sourcing select Program activities

The Ethidex Team has the knowledge and experience to complete your System Administration and perform co-sourcing.

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Across my Global Organization - Maintain, Distribute and confirm compliance with both global and local policies and procedures

Ethidex offers capabilities to a Global organization to update and deliver enterprise policies, capture local policies and document attestations.

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