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Compliance Office Software

Our secure, web-based SaaS application, hosted at a top-tier data centre, with SSO option, offers:

  • Configurable and efficient workflow;

  • Assignment of distinct Accountabilities;

  • Notifications;

  • Scheduling; 

  • Archiving and Configurable reporting with a centralized data structure available to all users.

  • Functionality delivered through distinct "databases" allowing for configuration and management as follows...

Software: Welcome

Home Page

  • Configurable introduction & messaging available.

  • Access to system documentation.

  • Includes "short-cuts" presenting required user activities in easy to use organization.


Regulatory Obligations - "Control Database"

  • Houses our content Modules through collections of Control Documents organized by subject and accountable area. 

  • Control documents specify risk descriptions, risk assessment, control objectives, and the staff members assigned.

  • Key organizational controls documentation is captured and archieved.

  • Supporting documents can be connected via Internet/Intranet links.



  • An easy and reliable means of ensuring critical tasks are planned for and completed.

  • Schedule activities and events, automatic notification via email, and overdue alerts

  • Work completed can be documented and reviewed

  • Repeating events can be scheduled



  • Document organization key issues

  • Electronic work papers capture issues, findings, etc.

  • Action plans with calendar reports and e-mail reminders

  • Group issues by topics or areas


Attestation "Questionnaire"

  • Confirm individual's compliance with Policies or regulatory requirements and / or train staff on compliance matters. 

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Independent Review "Audit Plans"

  • For third party reviews, plan, document, manage and report independent testing.



  • Allows the System Administrator to manage accountabilities, roles, and platform configuration options.



  • A configurable reporting tool allow you to build, save and share your desired reports.

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Software: Team Members
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