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Completing Required Assessments - moving beyond excel

A client recently asked if we could help with setting up and completing required regulatory assessments. They were particularly interested in:

  • workflow configuration

  • robust documentation

  • archiving

  • reporting

The example we discussed was the recent OSFI Operational Risk Capital Data Management Expectations - Assessment Expectations, with:

  • specified rating scale

  • 69 criterion to be rated

  • each criteria to be assessed by all 3 lines of defense

  • rationale for the rating and supporting documents to be provided, where relevant

  • target compliance date and additional comments (including supporting documents) to be provided

We confirmed that the Ethidex "Compliance Office" system can assist with this assessment with its:

  • robust, configurable workflow and documentation options. and

  • Ethidex can help with creating the control documents and objectives to capture the criterion specified

Please reach out if you would like to discuss further.

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