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Ethidex Compliance Office - Configuration & Implementation - typical challenges and timelines

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Clients often ask us: "how long will it take to implement Compliance Office and what resources will be required?"

My usual answer is, "it depends", followed by, "how long would you like to take?" followed by some discussion, because for each client the answer is different.

Key factors we have found include:

  • the number of regulatory Modules purchased

  • the number of system users

  • distribution of users across the business and functions, or retained centrally by Compliance

  • availability of resources to support initial configuration choices

  • the wish to establish and manage RCM change while implementing

For most of our clients, we implement the Modules sequentially. And with each Module implemented, the teams get better, faster and more confident of expectations and timelines.

Most of our clients have specific implementation timelines in mind. Implementation is often designed to align with the annual RCM program timelines, or commitments given the Regulators or the Board. As a consequence, we often work backward from target completion, to confirm planning steps.

Some of our clients want a "two phase" implementation. This begins with central implementation by Compliance establishing the Program, followed by a subsequent distribution across the business and functions. This can work well.

For larger implementation programs involving many users across the business, change management and training become critical. For these reasons, some larger companies have chosen to extended their implementation, as long as 8 to18 months. For smaller and more simple implementations, including training, we typically spend about 6 months to complete.

Finally, and perhaps not surprisingly, we have found the secret to successful implementation is communication and typically we look for a bi-weekly project meetings to share and proactively address issues as they arise.

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