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Supporting Compliance Consultants

We recently had a meeting with a compliance consultant to identify key ways to support their business. Captured below are the key points discussed, which I hope you find of interest.

Compliance consultant .....

  • "We are tired of using excel spreadsheets, word documents, and email to manage, coordinate, document and report on our compliance consulting projects".

  • "While we like the flexibility of using Microsoft tools , managing our workflow, documentation and versioning are painful".

  • "We are looking for a flexible tool that can support both our needs, as well as the needs of our clients".

  • "A variable pricing plan would be helpful".

Ethidex ........

We understand the challenge and think our software can help, here's how

  • Our Compliance Office platform allows you to establish workflow, capture documentation and interact with multiple clients, all within one system, hosted in the cloud.

  • The frameworks you have built for assessment; based on risks, regulations and standards can be loaded once onto the platform and copied and used many times.

  • The application has configuration capabilities to align with your business practices.

  • We have flexible pricing approaches which can align incrementally with your business activity.

If this sounds interesting, please reach out so we can discuss further.

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