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Why should we use Ethidex? Our Top Ten Benefits.

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

During a recent request for proposal, I was asked to summarize the top benefits Ethidex provides for a Regulatory Compliance Management Program. This was a challenge, and I ended with a "my top 10" listing, but with one extra.

I provided the following:

  1. Experienced team - providing valued solutions for more than 10 years to more that 100 clients

  2. Scalable and tailored solutions - supporting different sizes of companies in different financial industries

  3. Robust technology infra-structure - featuring SAS solution, single sign-on, Canadian datacenter, document encryption

  4. Broad and current regulatory content - providing comprehensive and easy to use language and formats, aligned to business processes and with quarterly updates from our law firm partners: McMillan, FASKEN and BLG LLP.

  5. Leading service focus - enhancing initial implementation and ongoing changes, administration and training

  6. Risk assessment - delivering prioritization and focus

  7. Efficient workflow and records management - with role assignments, dashboards, my assignments and workflow, custom reports, document management and easy storage of referenced policies

  8. Enablement of related activities - including compliance attestations, issues resolution, complaints, questionnaires, audit plans

  9. Current Methodology - supporting regulatory compliance risk management, issues tracking, attestation and questionnaires

  10. Competitive pricing - providing flexible and focused product offering

  11. Available in Europe incl. GDPR conform

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